Marvel’s Avengers References Pokémon’s Team Rocket in Mighty Thor Promotion

Marvel’s Avengers is set to feature two Gods of Thunder, and the team didn’t miss its chance to parody a classic line from the pokemon anime during promotion.

Days after revealing the first trailer and launch date for Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor’s appearance in the game, the Marvel’s Avengers team promoted the character with the first screenshot of her. Among the outpouring of excited comments was one from a fan who began parodying Team Rocket members Jessie and James’ classic catchphrase, “Prepare for thunder. And make it double.” Marvel’s Avengers responded to the message by continuing the parody, saying, “To protect the realms from devastation! To unite gods and mortals in celebration!”

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For those unaware, Jessie and James are members of the villainous Team Rocket in various pokemon titles. In the anime, the duo often appear as they announce with their catchphrase, “Here comes trouble, and make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation!” Although the surprisingly talented Team Rocket members are ostensibly supposed to steal Pokemon, with a particular interest in Ash’s Pikachu, the heroes always defeat them in the end.

Marvel’s Avengers have heavily promoted Mighty Thor’s appearance in the game since announcing the launch date earlier in June. It’s the title’s first major update in a year, leading to a clamor from fans desperate for new content. Aside from Jane Foster’s Goddess of Thunder, the upcoming addition appears to bring the multiverse to Marvel’s Avengers, potentially opening the door for several new storylines in the future. In this timeline, Mighty Thor struck a deal with Loki to kill Odin after the Allfather went crazy following his son’s departure for Earth. When she reneged on her end of the agreement, Loki pushed her through a portal that landed her in the universe of Marvel’s Avengers† How much of that will tie into the story’s plot when the update launches remains unclear.

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Jane Foster’s Thor also launches with a few alternate outfits, though her primary one remains a complete fabrication by the team due to her variant status. Jeff Adams, Art Director for Marvel’s Avengers, explained the concept behind Mighty Thor’s primary look. “Although she’s from another dimension, Jane is adorned in true Asgardian finery,” he said. “Eagle eyed fans will notice the connective tissue between this Jane look and our Iconic Odinson, which is 100% by design. But where Odinson’s look is regal, Jane’s is designed to be fiercer and warrior-like. Her aggressively-shaped winged mask, a departure from past versions of her comics look, is instantly evocative of her core DNA.”

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will appear as part of Patch 2.5 on June 28. Marvel’s Avengers is available now to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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