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The magic of a circus is that you’re never too old! You can’t grow out of going to the circus because some of the performances are so spectacular that they impress all ages. Capture some of that magic when “Circus Vazquez: A New Age Traditional Circus” comes to the King Of Prussia Mall on June 24 through July 10.

Circus Vasquez features incredible talent from all over the world in this all human, no animals, show. Almost 200 people travel with the show and there are 30 performers. It’s truly an international cast with performers from Africa, Columbia, Italy, Ukraine and more. The Bingo Troupe had to escape the war in Ukraine to get to the United States to perform in the show.

Izikaula Huntley is 22-years old and this is his first year with Circus Vasquez. Huntley is a part of the Chicago/Guinea Super Tumblers, which is the acrobatic portion of the show. He says it’s been exciting performing and traveling with such a big tent that’s been around for so many years.

“It’s been a whole different world. It’s magical. It’s amazing to see different stages, different crowds, different people and diversity. It’s just how people say, you come to the circus, you’re going to have a smile on your face. I’m happy we are able to provide that,” Huntley says.

This circus has been around for over 50 years. Brothers Jose Guillermo and Rafael Vazquez started the circus in 1969. It opened for the first time in Mexico City. The circus is now run by the new generation of the Vazquez Family. Jan and Carolina Vazquez are part of the latest generation of the family. The brother and sister act are also in the show dazzling with their juggling and rolla bolla, a special balance board.

Performing in a circus and traveling from city to city for months on end is not an easy thing to do. Since this is Huntley’s first year with the circus, there is a lot of on the spot learning and training. When you’re a performer of any type, the most growth will come from repetition and executing daily. You literally get better by just continually performing.

“I’ve done a lot of festivals. A lot of training. A lot of physical work. Being a tumbler isn’t easy. Anything you see in the circus is not easy, but we make it look easy and that’s the magic,” Huntley says.

In between performances, training and practice, Huntley goes to the gym two to three times a day. This is a 24 hour job. He has the support of the other members of his troupe and is happy to be among such a talented and diverse group.

“Being in this circus and being black is amazing. We are all equally talented. We all have the same ideas of what we are trying to do. We all try to uplift and support each other as much as we can because circus is not easy,” he said.

In addition to the acrobats, Circus Vazquez also features a clown, a death wheel, a motorcycle show and a skating show. Huntley now is the perfect time to see what they have to offer.

“It’s been a challenging couple of years since the pandemic happened. Now people are breaking out. They want new experiences and what better experience than to come to Circus Vazquez?” the acrobat asked.

Circus Vazquez is currently in the Philadelphia area at 160 North Gulph Road in King of Prussia. Next they move onto Newark, Delaware August 5-15 and then Paramus, NJ September 9-26. Get show times and tickets at

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