10 Most Interesting Facts About Tim Drake Only Comic Book Fans Know

Tim Drake AKA the canonical third Robin has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years. Recently, however, Tim came out as bisexual, and DC comics confirmed he’ll be getting his own comic book series again. Tim has existed for decades in the comics, but many fans tend to overlook him.

From his beginnings as a small-time detective to becoming the resident genius of the Bat-Family, Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne has a rich history within the DC universe. It’s why many will argue that he is the best Robin, while the others such as Dick Grayson and Jason Todd excel more under the titles of Nightwing and Red Hood.


Witnessed The Flying Graysons’ Death

Tim Drake and his family at the Haly Circus meeting the Flying Graysons in Batman comics

The origins of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake are actually connected. When the Flying Graysons were killed at the Haley Circus, Tim was witness to it in the same seats that Bruce Wayne saw.

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Tim was not only a fan of the Flying Graysons, but he and his parents actually took a picture with the famous acrobats prior to their demise. He viewed Dick Grayson as an inspiration and that continued when the young Grayson became the Robin for Batman.

Changed Robin’s Suit Forever

Tim Drake Robin DC Comics

Both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd wore similar Robin outfits that maintained the old-school acrobatic look of the Flying Graysons. Tim wore that same uniform in his first outing as Robin, but he soon gained a new suit, one that would forever change how artists drew Robin.

It was a full bodysuit with less green and more red and yellow emphasis. While the original design has its place in history as an iconic look for Robin, most can agree that Tim’s design was for the better. Movies, games, and shows alike would use it as inspiration for many different versions of Robin.

Batman Is Not His Only Favorite Superhero

Tim Drake meets Ted Kord in Birds Of Prey #19

Despite being a Gothamite and being heavily inspired by Batman in many ways, Tim Drake actually idolizes another hero from the DC universe. That would be none other than Ted Kord AKA the Blue Beetle.

Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle and Batman have a lot of similarities. They are both street-level detectives with an array of themed equipment and vehicles to help them fight crime. When Tim meets Ted Kord as Robin in the comics, he acts like an ecstatic fanboy around him and is always thrilled to work with him.

The Robin Mobile

Tim Drake driving the Redbird car up to Batman in Batman comics

Officially titled the Redbird, Tim Drake was the first Robin to get their own car in the same vein as the iconic Batmobile. The Redbird was more akin to a muscle car, and it was given to Tim after he got his driving permit in order to drive his disabled father.

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Sadly, the Redbird did not last for whatever reason and was forgotten by fans and writers alike, having only appeared a handful of times. Now, most of the Robins and other Bat-Family members stick to variations of the Batcycle.

Tim Drake Is Bisexual

Tim and Bernard Cover Preview Pride Tim Drake Special

Thanks to comic book writer Tom Taylor, it was unveiled in Batman: Urban Legends that Tim Drake is bisexual. In the comics, Tim asked out a classmate named Bernard on a date. Now they are a couple, and Tim has joined the ranks as a face of the LGBTQ+ community for DC.

This came as quite a surprise since Tim Drake has had many girlfriends in the comics over the years. He once dated Wonder Girl and Spoiler, so many expected him to be heterosexual. Tom Taylor has delivered a new side of Tim that is not only genuinely ending, but further shows the strength of Tim’s character.

Two-Face Was His First Villain

Two-Face confrontation Tim Drake in Batman comics

In his debut at the new Robin, Tim Drake actually helped save Batman and Nightwing. If it weren’t for Tim Drake, Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face would have won against the Dark Knight. It was because of these actions and a rather well-thought speech that Tim Drake earned the right to become Robin.

This would follow into the DC Animated Universe, with Two-Face being Tim Drake’s first villain in The New Batman Adventures† Drake would go on to fight many other iconic Batman villains over the years across all forms of media.

Multiple Titles

Red Robin and the Bat-Family assembled against Talon in Batman Eternal #52

For better or for worse, DC has been really fickle with Tim Drake. He began as a Robin, and like other apprentices of Batman, he evolved into his own hero known as Red Robin, which made for some of the best Tim Drake comics. That name would stick around for a while but, unfortunately, he later fell to the sidelines of the DC universe.

When DC tried to bring him back in the Rebirth era, his name was changed to simply Drake, but that name didn’t last long. At one point, he was a villain known as the Savior, and now he is back to being Robin. Robin is the title that he’s most famous for and loves, but DC seems to be unable to let him stick to one name for long.

A Master Of Disguise

Tim Drake disguised as Caroline Hill in Batman #626

Tim took on many of Batman’s different talents including one of his lesser-known: disguising. Tim learned how to hide amongst crowds and infiltrate locations without wearing the suit of the Boy Wonder.

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One of the best examples comes from Batman #626† In this comic, a doctor named Caroline Hill politely turns down a date with a colleague, but it is revealed to be Tim Drake in disguise.

The Best Detective Of The Robins

Bruce Wayne commending Tim Drake's skills in Teen Titans #0

Each of the Robins inherited and excelled in a certain aspect of Batman’s skillset. Dick Grayson is a natural martial artist, Red Hood has a temper and is the strongest of the Robins, and Tim is a genius member of the Bat-Family. Even before he was part of the Bat-Family, Tim was a detective who helped out on the streets of Gotham.

This skill actually helped him in deducing the identities of both Batman and Nightwing, which led to him helping Nightwing and meeting his heroes. After becoming part of the Bat-Family, his detective skills only improved and he became a technological expert, able to create his own equipment as Batman used to in his early days.

Alternate Timeline Batman

Split image of Tim Drake as Batman in Titans Tomorrow and Future's End

With Tim Drake being the only canon Robin to volunteer for the moniker and being the most dedicated detective vigilante of the group, DC was seemingly grooming Tim to become the next Batman. This was most evident in two times that showed Tim becoming Batman in the future.

Once was with the Teen Titans, showcasing a dark future where they all become villains and Tim is a Batman that descended into madness. The other time was during the Future’s End event when Terry McGinnis gave Tim the Batman Beyond suit and sent him back in time to prevent the dark cyberpunk future. Other canons such as the Arkhamverse also hinted at Tim taking on the mantle of the Bat.

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