Harry Potter meets Valorant: Wands Alliances is a magnificent Quest 2 VR game

Wands Alliances is a brand new game for the Meta Quest 2 from developer Cortopia Studios, and its excellent blend of elements from Harry Potter, Valorant, and chess makes it one of the best shooters I’ve ever played – be it in VR or not .

While immersed in steampunk London-themed maps, players split across two teams sling a diverse collection of spells at each other in order to complete their mission and secure victory. But you can’t let the heat of battle cloud your mind: Wands Alliances players need to think several moves ahead as they try to not only overpower their foes but outmaneuver them too.

Finding the sweet spot between strategic and chaotic gameplay, Wands Alliances is an absolute blast to play and a game I can’t wait to master.

Two players fighting over bomb site B (Image credit: Cortopia Studios)

At its core Wands Alliances is a pretty typical 3v3 hero shooter with a wizarding twist, offering similar gameplay to Valorant.

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