10 Best Changes In Persona 5 Royal, Ranked

when Persona 5 originally released in 2017, many JRPG enthusiasts were disappointed the Persona series remained a PlayStation exclusive. Ash P5‘s popularity grew, so did the plea for a multiplatform release. P5s protagonist Joker was released as a DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimatebut there was no P5 release for Nintendo Switch to coincide with it. Persona spinoffs released on other platforms, yet there wasn’t a sign the main Persona games would follow suit.

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Those wishes were finally granted when Atlus announced Persona 5 Royal — along with Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden — would release for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch starting in October 2022 with P5RP5Ran updated version of P5included a healthy dose of new content, characters, and quality of life changes sure to win hearts over regardless of whether the gamers had played the original P5

10 New Locations Make P5’s Japan Feel Bigger Than Ever Before

P5R introduces newly accessible locations, giving players further options and activities for any given day. The biggest new location is the explorable Kichijoji in Tokyo, which includes P5Rs new darts minigame and the ability to invite fellow Phantom Thieves to play billiards for stat boosts.

Players can even eavesdrop on teachers and other adult characters at the local bar. Other new locations include the shopping district of Nakano and the aquarium in Shinagawa. While neither of these locations is explorable, players can invite Confidants to hang out there.

9 The Grappling Hook Got A Much-Needed Upgrade

Normally, when exploring one of the many Palace dungeons in P5, the Phantom Thieves could only use their grappling hook in set locations that were purely linear traversal. with P5R centering around the themes of thieving, it felt odd the grappling hook was so limited in the original release of P5† That would change when P5R brought this underutilized mechanic an overhaul.

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This updated grappling hook now allows players to reach secret, previously inaccessible, areas in each Palace. By upgrading the grappling hook, players can also create ambush opportunities that give them an added edge in battle.

8 Players Can Choose To Hang Out With Akechi To Advance His Confidant

It’s no secret Goro Akechi is one of the most popular characters to emerge from P5† In the original P5, however, players couldn’t naturally advance in his Confidant as they would with other characters. These advancements only occurred at set points throughout the story, much to the disappointment of Akechi fans.

In P5R, however, players can now choose to hang out with Akechi, including playing billiards with him. By advancing Akechi’s improved Confidant, players gain the ability to discern an enemy’s affinities, making their weaknesses easier to exploit.

7 Challenge Battles Will Test The Players’ Skills

For players eager to test out their powerful parties and Personas, P5R includes the Challenge Battle mode. Previously found in Shin Megami Tensei IVeach trial in Challenge Battle pits the Phantom Thieves against a series of battles that become gradually more difficult as the player advances.

Players receive a score for completing each trial and will receive rewards based on that score. Challenge Battle can be accessed at any point in the Velvet Room. The only string attached is that players lose whatever items they use. P5R also includes DLC Challenge Battle trials, which will be included in future ports of P5Rallowing players to fight the protagonists from Persona 3 and Persona 4

6 Showtimes Are Fun And Stylish Team-Up Attacks

Similar to P3P and P4GP5R introduces a new type of cooperative attack in battle. “Showtimes” are flashy and powerful moves where a combination of two characters attacks a single enemy similar to an All-Out Attack. Players gain access to each Showtime through story progression.

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Showtimes are triggered randomly and are only possible when certain battle conditions are met. Conditions that can induce a Showtime include a Baton Pass to a party member, an enemy being downed, the protagonist being downed, and a party member being knocked out or low on health.

5 Thieves Den Is The Protagonist’s Palace

After exploring the fascinating Palace dungeons throughout P5, many fans wondered what the protagonist’s own Palace would look like. In P5RAtlus gives players a deep look into that Palace via the Thieves Den, which acts as a hub area players can customize as they see fit.

Players can even explore this hub area as different characters. There’s also a gallery, which allows players to rewatch cutscenes, and a card-based mini-game called, “Tycoon.” For trophy and achievement hunters, any achievement earned can be seen on display through Awards.

4 It Adds New Characters To Its Deep Roster

Similar to P3P and P4GP5R introduces a few new characters to the already populated P5† The first character is Takuto Maruki, a school counselor employed by Shujin Academy after the events of the first Palace rocked the academy’s image. Leveling up Maruki’s Confidant raises the protagonist’s maximum SP and provides him with a chance for in-battle benefits — such as immediately recovering from an ailment.

Another character is the mysterious Jose, a child found in the procedural dungeon Mementos. Jose has a shop in Mementos where players can trade flowers to him for special items. Players can also trade star stamps for benefits in Mementos such as increased experience gained after a battle.

3 New Endings Offer Players Something To Strive For, Or Avoid

With so much new story content, it only makes sense for there to be a new, true, ending. P5R features two different endings players can obtain on top of the normal ending from P5 and a new game over sequence. The game over sequence involves failing to secure a route to the treasure in the P5R exclusive Palace.

The bad ending requires players to align themselves with the antagonist of this new Palace when given the choice. For the true ending, players must reject the new Palace’s antagonist and defeat the true final boss. This true ending ties more directly to the events of Persona 5 Strikers and is well-worth experiencing for fans of P5s story.

2 Kasumi Yoshizawa Is A Brand New Phantom Thief

Maruki and Jose aren’t the only new characters in P5R† In fact, the Phantom Thieves receive an entirely new member, Kasumi Yoshizawa. Kasumi transfers to Shujin Academy during the beginning of P5R, similar to the protagonist, but mostly keeps her distance at first. Kasumi’s Confidant is initially limited to five ranks, but hanging out with her will raise the protagonist’s maximum HP.

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Advancing Kasumi’s Confidant unlocks the players’ ability to ambush enemies with the grappling hook. Kasumi becomes much more integrated into P5Rs plot, and joins the Phantom Thieves during the third semester. Ultimately, Kasumi is a fascinating character and a wonderful addition to the Phantom Thieves.

1 The Third Semester Is The Main Course Of P5R

Speaking of the third semester, P5R has an expanded calendar similar to P4G† But not all is what it seems during this semester as the Phantom Thieves’ wildest desires have suddenly come true. The protagonist, along with Akechi, investigates this strange abnormality.

To unlock this third semester, the players must reach level nine with a specific Confidant before the original P5 point of no return in November. Once that condition is met, players will have access to more free time, a new Palace, and a new area of ​​Mementos. This third semester is undoubtedly the most significant addition to P5Rproviding tons of story content that fully justifies P5R‘s existence.

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