Characters We Want To See In Disney Mirrorverse

Disney is again testing the waters of action role-playing games, this time with mobile title Disney Mirrorverse. In it, you control a Guardian, one of Disney and Pixar’s timeless characters and defender of the gate that exists between worlds. Our phones have come a long way to be able to display Mirrorverse’s stunning visuals and detailed graphics, and the RPG is packed with over 40 Disney and Pixar characters to choose from.

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Still, there’s a lot of anticipation for new Guardians and the many beloved Disney titles to pull them from. Here are ten characters we’d love to see taken from the Disney universe and thrown into the Mirrorverse as Guardians.


10 Dave The Barbara (Disney Channel, 2004)

Disney Channel Original Dave the Barbarian was canceled due to low ratings in 2005. Despite its short run, Dave continues to live on in many hearts, and the 21-episode show boasts excellent reviews. In the land of Udrogoth, Dave the Barbarian is in charge of protecting the kingdom with his two sisters and wizard uncle, while his monarch parents are away.

He’s a great choice for the Mirrorverse, considering he comes with a tough, enchanted talking sword. He’s going to have to get over his fears of evil monsters and being in real fights first, though.

9 Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet, 2002)

Jim Hawkins is the son of an innkeep, who turns sailor and treasure hunter in Disney’s 2002 feature film Treasure Planet. Jim was a beacon of bravery for many 90s and 2000s kids, and Treasure Planet is still a hit 20 years later.

His willingness to leap straight into the heat of battle and fight with everything he’s got, just to protect those around him and the world he cares about, makes him a perfect fit for the Mirrorverse’s Guardian lineup. All of Jim’s sun-surfing skills and high-flying acrobatics would come in handy for both melee and ranged combat.

8 Kuzco (Emperor’s New Groove, 2000)

Boom, baby! Voiced by David Spade, Emperor Kuzco began a franchise that became as big as his ego. Transformed into a llama by his defunct and evil ex-advisor Yzma, Kuzco spends his debut film on a journey to reclaim his throne and learns a lot about protecting the people around him.

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He isn’t much of a fighter, but Kuzco is perfect for a plucky support class Guardian with a comedic relief role to even out the dim Mirrorverse landscape.

7 Kronk (Emperor’s New Groove, 2000)

One of Patrick Warburton’s best-known and most imitated voices, Kronk has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Despite working under the evil Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove, Kronk manages to come away from everything as a good guy with a strong sense of justice. Kronk’s New Groove in 2005 explored this character and his love for food and nature even more.

Kronk is also not a stranger to the Disney lineup of video games. As far as Mirrorverse classes go, Kronk is pretty much the definition of Tank.

6 dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb, 2008)

Doofenshmirtz is the main antagonist of Phineas and Ferb, and after a classic redemption arc, is a big player in the Disney spin-off Milo Murphy’s Law is an obvious choice for the Ranged class in Disney Mirrorverse. With no shortage of self-invented -inator devices, he’s definitely a formidable opponent for anyone he’s up against that isn’t a sentient platypus detective.

The (mostly) reformed mad scientist has a lot of inventions and gadgets he can bring to the battlefield, just as long as he can refrain from committing any crimes or dealing local environmental damage in the process.

5 Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet, 2002)

Captain Amelia is one of Treasure Planet’s strongest and most confident characters. The RLS Legacy captain’s swashbuckling skills and cunning wit have netted her a role in both Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.

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Treasure Planet even got its own PC title in 2002 with the action-packed Battle At Procyon in which Captain Amelia got to showcase her skills in battle and logistics, but the Mirrorverse melee class seems to be lacking in a certain sword-swinging, smack- talking sailor.

4 Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon, 2021)

Raya is a familiar face to Disney’s mobile game lineup, but so far she’s not in Disney Mirrorverse and its wide array of Guardians. Raya is sure to make her way to the Mirrorverse at some point, considering the growing number of Disney princesses who are getting new and hardcore looks for the battlefield.

If Rapunzel is taking up arms and fighting for the good of the universe, Raya and her sword-fighting skills and acrobatic talents are an easy choice. Perhaps Disney is just waiting until they can come up with something that looks even cooler than her movie costume.

3 Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long, 2005)

The only thing Disney Mirrorverse needs more than more swords is more dragons. What better option for a tank or ranged class than a kid from New York City, who also happens to be a giant fire-breathing dragon? American Dragon: Jake Long had a lengthy, popular run that moved across a few different channels before settling into its final place streaming on Disney Plus.

Not only did this series see two spin-off video games sharing its title with Rise of the Huntsclan and Attack of the Dark Dragon, murmurs of his appearance in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena have also surfaced.

2 Luisa Madrigal (Encanto, 2021)

Luisa is the strongest and toughest member of the amazing Madrigal family, and she’s an excellent fit to join the too-few Guardians in Mirrorverse’s Tank class. So far she hasn’t shown up in any of Disney’s mobile or spin-off games, so an entrance into Mirrorverse would be Luisa’s hard-hitting gaming debut.

Someone who can lift houses, move mountains, and reroute whole rivers should be a top candidate for the title of Defender of Reality. Luisa needs more love, and Disney has the perfect opportunity to show it to her.

1 Kida Nedakh (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 2001)

The Disney Princess category often leaves out one of its most beloved members: Kidagakash Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and its frequently-forgotten sequel, Milo’s Return. Disney designed Kida as the first warrior in the Princess lineup, and has included her in both Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.

Of course, Kida can’t be far behind the other Disney Princesses in entering the Mirrorverse, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to see her make an appearance as a Guardian as soon as possible.

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