The 10 Coolest Crossover Vehicles In The Game

Rocket League, since going free-to-play, has managed to continue being one of the most successful multiplayer indie games of all time. Thanks to its success and now being owned by Epic Games, it has had the opportunity to bring a number of vehicles from popular series from various entertainment mediums to the game.

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Everyone has their favorite movie, video game, or television show, and in Rocket League they can play vehicular soccer with a bunch of them. It may cost a few dollars, but the game is entertaining and addictive enough to justify the purchase.


Rocket League did an interesting thing when it came to consoles where each of the three big platforms each got their own exclusive vehicle in the game. For PlayStation 4 the choice was easy when looking at which series best represented PlayStation and also happened to have an iconic vehicle. twisted metal is the classic vehicular combat game that saw players go head-to-head in a battle arena where they took control of unique characters.

A villain named Sweet Tooth drove an ice cream truck, and many consider him to be the mascot of the series, so it’s only right that his fan was available for anyone playing Rocket League on PlayStation consoles.

9 Aston Martin DB5 (James Bond 007)

When people think about the long-running James Bond 007 series, the Aston Martin DB5 is the car that likely appears in their mind. Sure, the Aston Martin Valhalla that’s also in Rocket League is iconic, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the classy and elegant DB5.

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This car dates back all the way to 1964 when it first appeared in the film, goldfinger. It has also managed to appear in the following additional 007 movies over the years: Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royal, Skyfall, Spectre, and No Time To Die.

8 Hog Sticker (Halo)

Earlier it was mentioned how Rocket League released an exclusive vehicle for each of the three major console platforms, and for Xbox, they happened to get the Hogsticker. This is simply a Warthog from the Halo series, with a mounted turret on the back.

Funny enough, Xbox also got the Armadillo from Gears of War in Rocket League as well. Anyone who’s played a Halo title knows how unique it feels to drive a Warthog, but thankfully in Rocket Leagueit functions just like any other of the vehicles.

7 Dodge Charger (Fast & Furious)

the Fast & Furious movie series has happened to land three unique vehicles in Rocket League. Dom Toretto, the main character, is known for many things but it’s hard not to bring up his Dodge Charger when talking about the things that define him as a character.

This muscle car has a presence and that shines when using it in any Rocket League mode. It shares a hitbox with the Dominus, which isn’t important to all players, but for those who care, it’s a good thing to note.

6 Jeep Wrangler (Jurassic Park)

There’s a funny thing that happens with Jurassic Park where most casual fans remember the Jeep Wrangler as the vehicle that’s green, yellow, and red despite that being an SUV. The Jeep, which is the same model that’s in Rocket Leaguewas red and gray and driven by Alan Grant.

It’s a shame really that this is the case because the Jeep is just as iconic, but the colors of the truck likely make it the more memorable and nostalgia-triggering design to most people.

5 The Dark Night Tumbler (Batman)

Rocket League is home to three different batmobiles from three different movie eras of the famous DC superhero. The tumbler design from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy might not be the most classic or universally beloved design Batman has ever had, but it does stand out.

The bulkier design does fit the aesthetic of Rocket League the most as it feels like a car the game would release on its own. True Batman fans will likely want to own all three, but the tumbler may be the one they most often use thanks to it having the hitbox of the Octane vehicle model.

4 Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)

the Ghostbusters franchise is seemingly making a comeback in a major way, and thanks to this a whole new generation of people are falling in love with the Ecto-1. This care was released in 2019 for Rocket League and could only be acquired by purchasing its related downloadable content from the shop.

It has the same hitbox as the Dominus, so for players who prefer that Rocket League build but want to celebrate their favorite spooky movie franchise, it’s hard to find a car more fitting than the Ecto-1.

3 DeLorean Time Machine (Back To The Future)

Time travel has and always will be a science fiction story-telling device fans will be drawn to. Though Avengers: Endgame did a good job with its own ideas of time travel, it’s hard to imagine anything nailing it the way the Back to the Future series did. Whether they saw it in theaters or at home on VHS, DVD, or streaming, most people who watch it fall in love with the characters.

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The DeLorean, despite the manufacturer failing, happens to be one of the most iconic movie vehicles of all time. It may not let players travel back in time and save a goal they missed in a Rocket League match, but it’s still pretty fun to hit maximum boost in a match and for a second think something might happen.

2 Nissan Skyline (Fast & Furious)

Following the entry discussing Dom Toretto’s Dodge Charger, it would be a shame to not also talk about the Nissan Skyline from Fast & Furious that belong to the late Paul Walker’s character named Brian O’Conner. This car isn’t overly flashy, but the mix of silver and blue in the canon coloring of the car just makes it pop whenever it’s on screen.

Like most of the vehicles on this list, it comes into the shop from time to time and allows players to relive their favorite parts of the Fast Saga.

1 1989 Batmobile (Batman)

Batman 1989 may not be the most critically-acclaimed Batman movie of all time, but it has a case as the most beloved and nostalgic. Between the costume designs and the natural campiness of it all, the movie won the hearts of comic book fans and general audiences alike.

The batmobile from this movie is the design an entire generation of fans think of when asked what the vehicle does and should look like. Thankfully it can be found and driven in Rocket Leaguethough Bruce Wayne likely wouldn’t approve of such a trivial use for his precious car.

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