Rocket League World Championship Schedule: Playoffs, Bracket

For the first time in nearly three years, the Rocket League World Championship is back.

The Rocket League World Championship will be live at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. Tickets are still available, so grab yours now if you want to go.

In the past, the event used to be only three days. But this year, it will be the biggest Rocket League event ever, spanning 10 days.

Let’s dive into how the World Championship playoffs are going to work and what teams are competing in the bracket.


The Championship will be split up into two different phases, the wildcard and the main event. The wildcard is made up of 16 teams that will compete Swiss style. Teams will always play another team with the same record until you win three games or lose three games. Out of the 16 teams, eight will move on.

The main event will consist of again, 16 teams, eight from the wildcard phase and eight teams that earned a bye. There will be two groups of eight teams playing double-elimination style. Four teams will make it out of the double-elimination games. Then the eight remaining teams will fight it out single-elimination style until there is one team remaining.


Rocket League World Championship: Format

Rocket League World Championship Roster / Photo Courtesy of Rocket League

The wildcard phase is set to begin on Aug. 4. On that day, every team will play only one game and there will be a total of eight games.

The second day will be the second round of games. Teams that are 1-0 will play each other and teams that are 0-1 will play each other. Once again each team will only play one game and there will be a total of eight games.

The third day will be the third round of games. Once again, teams will play teams with the same record, whether it be 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2. Again, there will be eight games. After the third day, two teams will have qualified for the next round.

On Aug. 7, we will see both the fourth and fifth rounds. Teams will play teams with the same record until all the teams either have three wins or three losses.

Now for the Main Event, starting on Aug. 9. Teams from Group A will compete against each other. The next day on the tent, the teams from Group B will compete.

After the first Main Event round, the teams that won and the teams that lost the first round will play each other. The winners of the top bracket will move on to the last phase, while the losers must play. The top bracket will play on the eleventh and the bottom bracket will play on the twelfth.

On the thirteenth, the last round of the Main Event will take place. Once all the teams have either been eliminated or advanced, the last round begins.

On the fourteenth, the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the Grand Championship will take place. After the final game, the winner of the tournament will be crowned.

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