Megan Thee Stallion Co-Hosts ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ –

Megan Thee Stallion entertainingly helped cohost The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on the eve of her new album’s release (Aug. 11). The Houston rapstress—along with her French bulldog “4oe”—was game for all that the comedic late-night show had to offer. Megan flexed her on-the-spot rap skills with a game of “Mad Libs,” sent hilarious “Thank You” notes, and even shared a Hot Cheeto pickle with Fallon. Megan also got a chance to co-interview special guest actress Natalie Dyer of Stranger Things.

While a show-opening monologue, Megan gave one-word delivering responses to the daily news she covered. For President Biden’s seven-day summer vacation? “Classy.” The early arrival of pumpkin spice lattes? “Spark plug.” She ended the segment with the word, “ratchet,” when touching on Trump supporters waving flags outside Mar a Lago.

In all of her charm, the “Savage” rapper kept the audience howling in laughter with her edition of writing “Thank You” cards. “Thank you, birthday candles, for being crayons that like to get lit,” she said during Fallon’s fake note segment. “Thank you, postcards, for making the government deliver my Instagram,” she added. She then burst into uncontrollable laughter after Fallon’s “Thank You” note about Kim Kardashian’s new skin-toned Beats Fit Pro earbuds.

“I thought these were organic eggs … I didn’t know (laughs)… she had a deal with Whole Foods,” Megan commented.

Megan then showed her freestyle skills as she played “Mad Lib Hip-Hop Karaoke.” Switching out the lyrics to some classic rap tracks, the music artist added her own random words and phrases. Her list included: croquet, head/bed/lead, the question “did you fart?”, zebra, lima, pinto, and refried beans. She also included her three favorite remixed words Traumazine, “Pressurelicious,” and “body-ody.” Megan then successfully performed a Mad Libs version of her hit single “Savage.”

Holding her social media-famed French bulldog “4oe” on her lap, Megan spoke about her newly released sophomore album, Traumazine, which she deemed her “most personal” album to date. She also gave a rundown of how she became signed to Roc Nation (which included a funny story involving Jay-Z and Hot Cheetos).

“Are you a fan of Hot Cheetos?” she asked Fallon before presenting him with a Houston delicacy. “We eat Hot Cheetos, but inside of pickles,” she explained. She then pulled out a plate with two Hot Cheeto-stuffed pickles and toasted with Fallon before divulging. Fallon gave a happy dance as his taste buds approved of the uncanny snack.

Megan toasted to all of her accomplishments and her newest album Traumazine, with a champagne bottle-popping wrap of the show.

Check out clips from the episode with Megan Thee Stallion on The Tonight Show above.

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