10 Best And Most Fun Villains To Play As, Ranked

Disney villains are some of the most iconic in pop culture. Though more recent Disney movies such as encanto have begun to steer away from the villain mold, famous baddies such as the Evil Queen, Maleficent and Scar remain perennially popular.

Such popularity has led to the creation of Disney Villainous, a tabletop board game in which players can play as their favorite Disney villains. The game has been praised by many for its easy-to-learn nature and various strategies to win. But some villains are better and more fun to play than others.


Queen of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland)

Out of all the villains in the game, Alice in Wonderland‘s Queen of Hearts’ goal is probably the least villainous. After all, all she wants to do is play a game of croquet.

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The Queen of Hearts is also one of the most simple villains to play as from the original game. Her fate deck isn’t nearly as punishing as other villains, making it harder for opponents to slow her down or completely stop her from reaching her goal. Though the simplicity of her goal can make her gameplay get boring with consecutive plays, players can still have fun working to set up her croquet game.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)Maleficent laughs evilly in Sleeping Beauty

Known as one of the scariest Disney villains, Maleficent’s villain goal of starting her turn with a curse card in every space in her realm is also one of the simplest goals in the game.

The challenging part is that certain curses limit the villain from Sleeping Beauty‘s movement and card placements, and it can be easy to disrupt her plans through a few special fate cards. But a crafty player, channeling their inner villain, can navigate through this using powerful cards like the Raven in order to take more actions and hold off heroes long enough to snag a victory.

The Horned King (The Black Cauldron)The horned King surrounded by green smoke in The Black Cauldron

Suffering one of the most agonizing deaths of all Disney villains, the Horned King from The Black Cauldron also has one of the hardest objectives to stop in the game, making him even more fun to play as.

The Horned King’s goal, which involves activating the Black Cauldron and getting special ally cards known as Cauldron Born, is both straightforward and pretty hard to stop. In fact, there are only two cards in his fate deck that can stop him, and even then it’s an easy hurtle for anyone playing as him to overcome. The downside to the Horned King is that it can get frustrating waiting for the right cards, especially when playing against villains with quicker paths to victory.

Hades (Hercules)Hades from Disney's Hercules

Hades from the movie Hercules is an interesting villain in the game, with a straightforward path to victory combined with difficult hurtles to overcome. In the game, Hades must start his turn with three untrapped Titans at Mount Olympus to win. Though he has five Titans total in the game, a punishing fate deck can grind players to a complete halt as they struggle to find the right cards to get things going again. However, this sort of challenge only adds to the fun, and seasoned players with lucky card draws can quickly move Titans towards the goal and ultimate victory, making Hades a dangerous opponent to play against.

Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Yzma, from the much beloved The Emperor’s New Groove, is one of the few villains in the game with a special kind of set up, which is related to her objective of finding and defeating Kuzco with Kronk.

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Unlike most villains, who have one fate deck each, Yzma splits her fate cards into four smaller piles, with fate actions targeting her only choosing one card from one deck. Though this setup makes hunting down Kuzco tedious, it also makes it a fun challenge guessing where Kuzco is and getting him out only for fate to send him away again. Not to mention battling to keep Kronk from going good is also fun.

Syndrome (The Incredibles)Syndrome The Incredibles

Syndrome could’ve been a hero. But instead, he turned evil in The Incrediblesleading to his inclusion in the latest expansion to villainous, Bigger and Badder.

Syndrome’s objective goes hand in hand with the task of fighting heroes to keep his realm clear. Having his objective be defeating his ultimate Omnidroid and clearing out all heroes may seem like a challenge, but given that heroes only come from the fate deck and that the final Omnidroid can only be brought out by defeating heroes, opponents might be hesitant to fate Syndrome , allowing him to work with little hindrance to reach his goal and win the game.

Prince John (Robin Hood)Prince John Evil Laugh

Robin Hood‘s Prince John may have the easiest goal in the game, that being to start his turn with 20 power, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fun to play as.

Prince John has cards that can bring down the cost to play more cards, allowing him to save up more power to get closer to his goal. If troublesome heroes get in the way, he can simply send them to the jail, where they won’t cover up any turn actions and will be out of the way. Though constantly fating against him can be a pain for anyone playing Prince John, there are enough fun cards at his disposal to give him a mostly painless victory.

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan

Captain Hook, the pirate villain from Peter Pan, must defeat Peter Pan himself at the Jolly Rodger to win the game. This may seem difficult at first, but it can turn really easy really fast.

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Some players may find it tedious to sift through the fate deck looking for Peter Pan. And if the wrong hero is put out, like Tick Tock, they’ll be severely hindered. But what makes Captain Hook fun is that he has a multitude of pirate allies and tools that can help him build up a lot of strength to defeat heroes and take extra actions on his turn. This kind of flexibility allows him to focus on keeping his realm clear while still hunting for the illusive flying boy.

Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)Professor Ratigan bowing with his cape in The Great Mouse Detective

He may not be as memorable as other murderous Disney villains, but Professor Ratigan from the equally forgotten The Great Mouse Detective still earned himself a place in the game, with not one, but two potential goals.

At the start of the game, Ratigan must play the Robot Queen and start his turn with it at the Palace. But should the Robot Queen be discarded, his goal changes to defeating Basil. The great thing about this goal is that Basil is the only card that can remove the Robot Queen, so even if Basil is sent out to discard the Robot Queen, a multitude of allies and “Marvelous Trap” item cards can be set up to defeat him almost instantly.

dr. Facilier (The Princess And The Frog)dr.  Facilier wearing a skull mask in The Princess and the frog

Time and time again, dr. facilitator from The Princess and the Frog has proven to be a fan favorite, both in film and in the game, with many players listing him among their favorites.

Though his objective of ruling New Orleans has a complicated process of getting to it, involving multiple different cards and a completely separate card pile, it’s this that fans find fun. His objective is complicated enough to confuse newer players playing against him, but simple enough to follow through. With an extraordinary luck in drawing cards, a player playing as Dr. Facilier could even win in as little as three turns.

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